For Buyers: It’s A Buyer’s Market For Active Adult Communities

For buyers, happy times are here again.

Finally, after a five-year seller’s market, buyers are getting a break. The booming real estate market that generated an unprecedented rise in home prices and a feeding frenzy of buyers bidding for too few listings is finally winding down.

Prices are stabilizing and even dropping in some sectors. “Reduced” is now the common rider on yard signs. The number of listings is increasing across all markets.

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In the Active Adult Community category, the buyer’s market is obviously here. Consider:

  • Developer/builders are offering more and more aggressive financial incentives to buyers.
  • Resale listings are at an all-time high – over 190 in Virginia currently.
  • Listings are on the market for months, not weeks.
  • The new construction inventory is growing by thousands – more than 6,000 units will be added in the next five years.
  • There are now 34 Active Adult Communities in Virginia and about five more are known to be in the planning stage.
  • Very tellingly, for the first time in years, developer/builders are offering incentives to Realtors® to bring in buyers.

So, if you have been thinking about “Active Adult Living”, and even if retirement is a few years off, this may be the time. (In fact, in some Active Adult Communities, as many as 40% of the residents still work. Active Adult Living is not just about retirement.)

Because I specialize in Active Adult real estate and nothing else, it is my job to know what is happening in “my” market.

And, I do. I make it my business to stay in touch with the developer/builders so I know all their incentive programs and where the best deals are. Once I understand what you are looking for, I can direct you to the best deals in the Virginia Active Adult Community marketplace.

If you are ready to consider Active Adult real estate, the time is right and the time is now; the market is begging for buyers and rewarding them handsomely.

If you have any questions, please contact me via the email address or telephone numbers listed below .