Home Buyer Representation

Whether or not you decide to retain me as your representative, you really, REALLY should have Realtor® representation when dealing with developers or builders of new Active Adult Community homes.

Protect YOUR Interests with the negotiating
skills and expert advice of a Realtor®.

If you visit the sales office on your own, be sure and tell
them you intend to be represented by a Realtor®.

Before becoming an “unrepresented buyer” here are some facts to consider:

  • Seller’s representatives have a legal and fiduciary responsibility to represent the best interests of the seller. This means they are obligated to get the best deal possible for the seller.

  • There are things seller’s representatives cannot and will not tell you.

  • Seller’s representatives are almost certainly more knowledgeable and experienced in real estate than you and make their livings negotiating the best possible deals for their clients.

  • I will review and explain to you the meaning and implications of every document you will be required to sign.

  • Negotiating quarter million dollar (and up) deals is not to be viewed as an interesting learning experience; the lessons learned can be very expensive.

Developers and builders have a right to know you will be represented by a licensed real estate agent.

It is only fair.

In fact, it would be very unfair to initiate negotiations with a developer or builder and then – after the fact – bring in a buyer’s representative and effectively require them to start all over again.

As a matter of policy, I cannot and will not accept as a client anyone who has already initiated negotiations with a developer or builder without their explicit permission.


As a general rule, developers and builders expect you to be accompanied by your representative on your first visit. If you cannot resist a little “window shopping” prior to retaining a buyer’s representative, it is very important to follow these guidelines to ensure your ability to have representation:

  • If you are approached by a seller’s representative or sales person, make it very clear that you are “just looking” and you are “not ready to talk.”

  • State that when and if you are ready to enter into serious discussions, you will have your agent with you.

  • Do not sign anything; not even a visitor’s log. They have no need for your name, address and phone number until YOU are ready to talk.

If you have come to the reasonable conclusion that it is a good idea to have a buyer’s representative, see The Advantages of OWL55.com for some reasons it is a good idea to retain me.

If you have any questions, please contact me via the email address or telephone numbers listed below .