Home Selling Articles

Getting Your House Ready to Sell

Disconnect Your Emotions

The First Step – Removing Clutter

The Most Important Room in the House

The Rest of the House

Fixing Up the House Interior

Cost of Repairs

Plumbing & Fixtures

Ceiling, Walls & Painting

Carpets & Flooring

Windows & Doors

Fixing Up Outside the House


Is Painting Required?

The Front Entryway

The Back Yard

Want to Start Off With a High Sales Price?

When You Meet With Agents

What Happens Behind the Scenes

Dropping Your Price — Too Late

Realtors Talk to One Another About Your Agent

Types of Listing Contracts

Open Listings

One-time Show

Exclusive Agency Listings

Exclusive Right to Sell

Details of a Listing Contract

Price and Terms of Sale

Real Estate Commission

Multiple Listing Service

Agency and Salesperson Responsibilities

The Lockbox

Resolving Disputes with Your Agent

Listing Commissions and Related Issues

About Commissions

Some Commission-Related Questions

How and When the Commission is Earned

The Listing Agent & Basic Marketing

Flyers and the Brochure Box

The Listing Agent – Marketing Your House to Other Agents

The Multiple Listing Service

Office Preview

Broker Preview

Sending Flyers to Agents

Marketing Sessions

The Listing Agent – Marketing Your House to Homebuyers

The Purpose of Advertising in General

Real Estate Office Advertising

Individual Agent Advertising

Open Houses

Showing Your House to Home Buyers

Convenience & Availability

Why You Should Not be Home



Pet Control

The Kitchen Trash

Tidiness Counts