For Buyers: Buying A New Active Adult Community Home

BUYERS:  Sellers Pay All Commissions…
Protect YOUR Interests with the negotiating
skills and expert advice of a Realtor®.

If you visit the sales office on your own, be sure and tell
them you intend to be represented by a Realtor®.


The current buyer’s market has the best deals by builders of active adult community homes in their eleven year history. Builders are offering tremendous incentives – as much as $100,000 off list (with conditions, of course, like signing within a certain time).

I stay in touch with all the community sales offices so I know what the current incentive programs are. Please call me (703 498 7455) or Email Peggy if you have questions about incentives for  specific communities.

Here are the considerations for “buying new”:

The Advantages:

  • Customization – Within limits, you can order custom floorings, window treatments, exterior finishes, appliance upgrades, special tile packages for kitchens and bathrooms and such. You cannot modify in any significant way the floor plans although some floor plans provide for extra “sunrooms” or room extensions. Anything more extensive might involve hiring your own contractor for “post delivery” customization. You generally have great latitude on basement build-outs. All of this helps create more “pride of ownership.”

  • All “New” With Warranties – Obviously, everything is new and you get full-life warranties on mechanicals and appliances. You also get workmanship and materials warranties.

  • Developer/Builder Incentives – Financial incentives vary depending on market conditions and phase of development. Developers tend to be most generous early when they are trying to get things rolling and during “buyer’s markets” (like now). Builders are also inclined to offer “free” upgrades in lieu of price reductions. You may find generous incentives at the end of building when developers want to wrap up, close down sales and construction offices and move on.

  • Lot Selection – This can be a “biggie.” If you are willing to wait (and pay) you can get that over-sized lot at the end of the street with tree lines or open space on two sides.

The Disadvantages:

  • The Wait – In order to take advantage of many of the possibilities listed above, you are probably going to have to wait three to six months or longer. Builders work in “phases” and if you have to wait for a future “phase” to get exactly what you want, you may be waiting for up to a year or more.

  • Decision Overload – There are endless decisions involved in building a new home. It can be very tiresome and trying.

  • New Construction Woes – Realistically, you must expect problems that come with new construction; some things won’t work; paint will have to be “touched up”; nails “pop”; cracks appear; etc. These things happen to the best of builders and they fix them. But it takes time and can be a hassle.

  • Construction Annoyances – If you want to get those neat financial incentives by being home owner #7 of 550, you are going to put up with years of construction traffic and noise and dust, etc.

  • Financial Complications – The other side of the “financial incentives” coin is things get more complicated. Developers and builders can get very creative with their incentives to get you to buy early and use their mortgage company. The analysis of the alternatives can be very complex. This is one of the key areas where a good Realtor® earns their pay; they can help you break down the alternatives so you can evaluate what is in your best interests.

  • Undeveloped Facilities – Again, if you are home owner # 7 or even #70 you are not going to have all those neat amenities and possibly no clubhouse for a year or two or three.

  • Immature Landscaping – All those little trees and shrubs are going to be little for a long time.


Whether or not you decide to use us, you really, REALLY should have buyer representation when dealing with developers or builders of new Active Adult Community homes. Please be sure and read my Buyer Representation section.

If you have any questions, please contact me via the email address or telephone numbers listed below .